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choice home warranty coverage limits The contractor with the lowest average cost per call is put in the number one position. If the contractor has a large repair it skews the average and the contractor won’t get calls. If you consistently do what is right for the customer and push to replace equipment that is old and rusted out then you will suffer the consequences!After working with A n e S for 10 years the customers loved my company!They would request me and S didn’t like that. They HWC’s want to control the contractor sent out so they can put the contractor with the lowest avg. cost per invoice out first. I was told I replaced too much equipment!I suggest to other contractors not to get on this treadmill!They give the business to you, and they can take it away just as fast.

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In some cases, parts may need to be ordered and additional visits may be needed to complete the repair or replacement.

That’s where a home warranty comes in.

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Other than a trade call fee and any applicable deductibles, the cost of repairs are covered.

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