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first american home warranty coverage limits Home systems and appliances can break down when you least expect it ­­ and often, when your budget isn’t ready for it. A home warranty offers peace of mind. With a home warranty, you can know that even when the unexpected happens, you’ll be taken care of by trusted home repair professionals. With a home warranty, your home’s most important appliances and systems will be covered, provided they are maintained and in good working order at the start of your contract. You’ll pay your contract fee annually and enjoy repair and replacement service for essential home systems and appliances for this low annual fee plus an affordable service call fee for each repair or replacement. Your systems and appliances may be in good working order today, but sooner or later, everything wears out.

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This is usually located directly under the unit.

Steve Upshaw was appointed Chief Executive Officer of CCHS in June 2015.

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I guess that check almost covered the cost of the 210 policy for that year but if u ask me.

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